Who We Are

In 2009, Make It Right Solar was founded to make affordable solar energy solutions available to communities in need. As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Make It Right Foundation, Make It Right Solar is a renewable energy development company increasing the accessibility and affordability of high-quality solar PV systems.

Make It Right Solar is playing an important role in the unique local movement of providing solar energy to low to middle-income populations who need it most. To date Make It Right Solar has facilitated more than 700 kW of installed solar capacity, including more than 110 solar installations on LEED Platinum certified homes in some of the most distressed communities in New Orleans.

We believe that solar energy is a medium for social change. As stated in 2012 by Photon Magazine, the most widely read solar magazine in the world, “Solar is playing a highly visible role in the reconstruction of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.” Make It Right Solar has been integral in the city’s green renaissance and we will continue to provide simple and affordable access to solar energy.

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