What We Do

Make It Right Solar’s strategy is to provide our clients with access to affordable, renewable energy solutions that generate long-term benefits. Make It Right Solar (MIRSolar) can provide financial structuring services to maximize the value of rebates, grants and tax-based subsidies, resulting in an affordable investment for almost any budget. Additionally, we can supply system design services, procure equipment, contract with local integration companies, and provide operations and maintenance solutions.

Rather than employing an in-house labor force, MIRSolar partners with trusted local installers to construct solar energy systems. We suggest engaging MIRSolar in the early concept phase of any project to allow the seamless integration of solar energy into the design of the overall structure. MIRSolar’s network of qualified, licensed and insured solar integration companies deliver installed PV systems that regularly outperform initial energy production estimates.

We are constantly working with manufacturers, equipment suppliers, utility providers and municipalities to streamline processes and create a climate that allows for all audiences to access affordable solar energy. We also recognize that a shortage of certified labor will increase the cost of installations so we have facilitated training events to expand the local solar workforce in this region. Since our inception, we have worked with more than 20 different solar integration companies, including seven companies that performed their first career installation through us. Providing constant opportunities for industry growth will remain a MIRSolar priority.