Making It Work: Green Building and Environmental Project Case Studies


Sutton… can’t complain about the energy bills for her own home. “It’s a beautiful thing; I’ve never paid more than $60 a month,” she says.

“The reason that some of the homes have hit zero net energy is largely due to the efficient envelope,” says Pierre Moses, MIR’s product analyst. “The solar is really just the icing on the cake.” Energy Star–rated appliances, efficient light fixtures, and homeowner education also help keep consumption down so the 3-to-4 kW photovoltaic systems provide the majority of electricity. Louisiana has one of the best residential tax credits for solar systems in the nation, according to Moses. “Eighty percent of the cost comes back in the form of federal and state government subsidies, so it’s a very attractive investment,” he explains. Before moving in, residents participate in educational courses about the green technologies in their new homes. “It’s a powerful thing for any community to have good energy habits as part of everyday life,” says Moses.”

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